History of the group

Resulting from a family from musicians gipsies of the South of France (Montpellier), Serge and Julien Patrac grew in the culture of the traditional music gipsy. Trés early, they develop this innate gift of musician (guitarist, singer) that before them, their father, grandfathers, received. The transmission of this gift will grow rich in contact with ignored or known artists, such as Manitas de Plata, Gipsy Kings, and others..

In 1987, following a meeting, the guitarist Dony Valerie is integrated into the duet. Its Andalusian origins make him find its roots through this music. The community gipsy opens the arms to him and admits in it one of the rare women to be played on this level.

The duet becomes trio, they take the name of Santa Maria, in homage to Holy Marry Sea (france), instead of pélerinage of the gipsies

In 1988, departure for Paris, where the group will occur in various places such as: Cabarets, Discotheques, Café concerts, private Evenings, etc).

In 1990, at the time of a round in the South-west of France, the trio discovers in this area a certain art of living, a taste of the festival, deeply marked by the Spanish culture, which encourages them to settle there.

In 1992, one 4th element comes to be added to them... and what a element!!! Paraded Vanessa, pure Andalusian of Granada (Spain), superb dancer and singer who will transform the goupe musicians into true show!

It did not miss any more with the group that a percussionnist to carry all the rhythmic ones endiablées of their repertory, and it is Xavier Delpech.

Like their ancestors, the group does not know any more borders and carries out as of 1999 of the rounds in America, North Africa, China and Europe, under the name of Tékéma.